Owner & founder of the brand is Sonja, a trained attorney-at-law in Switzerland.

Always interested in beauty & health products Sonja tried out all different sorts of products over the years and became more and more interested in the ingredients. So she started researching which ingredients are good for the skin & health and which are toxic, eliminated the toxic products and included clean products in her routine to be healthy from inside & outside. Time after time Sonja was asked more and more for her advice. She decided in 2019 to help customers with the chaos of products for beauty & health and to create an online shop where they could rely on her preselection of products. 

Only selected health & beauty products that meet our high standard are included. And the better, you will find cheap and expensive brands on our website because it is our strong believe that it is not about the price, it is about quality, eco-friendliness, clean ingredients and brand philosophy. Be surprised what to find here...

We operate out of Zurich, Switzerland. Our contact details are as follows: