A feat of cosmeceutical engineering, this serum contains multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid and a host of soothing botanicals to quench skin’s thirst. Intense moisture without overloading skin using the finest in Hyaluronic acid, lower and higher molecular and regenerate with rose, copper and plant extracts. This wonder serum is light and intensely hydrates, smooths, increase skin elasticity, guards against free radicals, de-stress skin and protect cell DNA.

Skin Health Benefits :
The multi-molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid ensures skin is hydrated at a deep dermal level as well as on the surface and the rich antioxidant content strengthens skin’s defences against free radicals.

Complexion Benefit:
Perfectly plumped, hydrated and refreshed skin.

How to:
Apply 2 to 3 drops directly to clean skin on areas of concern. Follow with moisturiser. Or mix with other serums, moisturiser or foundation to create a bespoke treatment

Star ingredients & benefits:
High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid - biotech produced from glucose, soy peptone and yeast extract this natural polysaccharide (large sugar molecule) offers intensive hydration by penetrating the upper layers of the epidermis, absorbing water that evaporates from the deep dermis. Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid offers better penetration to help form a tight intercellular junction to prevent water loss. Acqua-Biomin ™ CopperY3-Bio-activeprotein, a mineral complex that provides smoothing, moisturising and cell-renewing benefits. AquaCacteen Opuntia Ficus-Indica Cactus Stem Extract calms irritation to block the release of stress markers from sensory nerve cells in the skin. Delivers excellent hydrating properties due to its high content of water-binding compounds. Arctic Meadowsweet Extract (Spiraea Ulmaria) Polyphenol-rich skin protective extract with flavanoids, quercetin and kaempherol. Golden Rose (Rhodiola) Arctic Roseroot Extract Polyphenol-rich extract with adaptogenic compounds, providing anti-stress effects. Alpaflora Edelweiss (Leontopodium Alpinum) Extract (and) Citric Acid Epidermal protection with strong free radical scavenging and DNA protection to defend skin against external environmental stress. Helps the skin preserve its natural balance, perceptibly reducing skin sensitivity

No Parabens. Professionally spa-tested on clients…not on animals. No animal ingredients.

Skin Design London
The greater and innovator behind the brand is Fatma Shaheen from London - an award-winning skincare and clinic expert with over a decade of experience in the industry. Internationally renowned as one of „The World’s Leading Facialists“ (Vogue Italia) she is so highly regarded that clients often fly from overseas just to have one of her treatments. Her smart use of technology and her power formulations delivers are a perfect combination of a plant basis mixed with active ingredients. Within 6 months of launching Skin Design London Fatma won her first award for „best new skincare brand“.