NUORI Supreme Polishing Treatment



This daily adaptable treatment effectively removes impurities, gently sloughs away dead skin cells, and buffs and infuses skin with highly nourishing ingredients.

The potent formula is activated at home by blending the two components, Enzyme Complex and Powder Booster, in preferred ratio.
- Formula allows you to achieve optimal results by creating a personalized, day-to-day blend that adapts to the changing needs of the skin.
- Effectively removes impurities and lifts away dead skin cells without damaging the skin barrier or causing irritation.
- Ensures a more refined, revitalized, and radiant skin that is able to breathe.

Dispense 3 to 4 pumps of Enzyme Complex into the palm of your hand. For daily use or for sensitive skin: Sprinkle a pea-sized amount of Powder Booster on top of Enzyme Complex. For bi-weekly use or intensified results: Add a higher amount of Powder Booster to the blend.
By using the other hand's index finger, mix carefully until powder is evenly dispensed in cream. Apply the preferred blend to face, neck and décolleté, and gently massage for up to a minute. For full benefits of the activated formula, leave on skin for up to five minutes.
Rinse off with tepid water and finish by wiping the skin with a cotton pad saturated with NUORI Vital Unifier. Follow with your preferred hydrating care routine.

- Fermented acerola cherry, pomegranate, and radish root extract: Gently lift away dead skin cells and condition skin. Acerola cherry furthermore inhibits the production of melanin pigments and neutralizes free radicals for a more even skin tone and texture.
- Botanical squalane and shea butter: Nourish and protect the skin while preventing moisture loss.
- Oat kernel extract: Fortifies cell membranes, and the anti-inflammatory properties calm and comfort the skin.
- Blend of jojoba beads, rice powder, and finely grained aloe vera: Gently exfoliates the skin without causing any irritation in the underlying epidermis.