JK7 Unique Hair & Body Wash


Lemon & Lime

This unique all-in-one hair & body shampoo, cleanses the hair, scalp, and body gently, with a pleasant moisturizing effect. Highly concentrated with organic herbs, hypoallergenic, and alkaline free, this product is suitable for all hair & skin types.

Directions for use:
Apply a small amount of the JK7® Unique Hair & Body Wash to wet hair and/or body. Massage gently, and rinse well with warm water. Shake well before use!

Supports regeneration of the scalp and hair. Balances the skin’s tallow, moisture content and the pH value. Enhances the hair’s natural shine. The formula is suitable for babies.

The JK7® Secret:
Lemon Fruit (Citrus limon) – lemon oil enhances microcirculation, is an immune stimulant, and improves memory and relaxation.

Available in a 100mL glass bottle.

100% Natural, Organic & High Performing