JK7 Body Care Lotion


Lemon & Lime

This non-oily, highly moisturizing body lotion will leave your skin smooth and vibrant. Lemon, Lime, and other precious natural ingredients, balance the oil and moisture content of your skin, leaving a long lasting fresh and uplifted feeling. Ideal for after a shower, bath or sun bathing.

Directions for use:
Massage the soothing JK7® Body Care Lotion onto the entire body in circular motions, after a shower or a bath.

For silky, moisturized skin. Quickly absorbs and enhances skin elasticity. Anti-ageing effect. Increases the skin’s long term moisture and balances pH.

The JK7® Secret:
Burdock Flower (Arcticum lappa) –
Burdock has been used extensively to flush toxins from the blood stream, and to treat acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Available in a 100mL glass bottle.

100% Natural, Organic & High Performing