JK7 Beauty Moisturizing Mist- Freshener (Lemon & Lime)


Lemon & Lime

Cool your skin on a hot summer day or at any other time. The refreshing effect of this aromatherapy spray with lemon and lime, leaves your skin bright and smooth.

Directions for use:
Close your eyes and spray JK7® Beauty Mist onto face, neck, and décolleté after cleansing, or at any time of the day; pat gently for maximum absorption. Follow with any other JK7® Moisturizer. Can be used to refresh the whole body and may also be used to prevent JK7® Face Masks from drying out while applied to skin. Shake well before use!

Improves the moisture of the skin and balances the pH value. Refreshing, astringent and antibacterial attributes help to refine the pores and promote a healthy glow.

The JK7® Secret:
Lime fruit (Citrus aurantifolia) – can help to lift up your mood, decongest the lymphatic system, and tone the skin.

Available in a 50mL glass bottle.

100% Natural, Organic & High Performing