IOXEL Lightening Gel


A lightweight gel that deep-nourishes cells and revives skin layers, stimulating fibroblasts into producing new collagen. An exclusive complex of ionized oxygen, Vitamin c and Kojic acid propels active ingredients through all five layers of the epidermis, unleashing a deep-acting lightening effect on cells and combating melanin build-ups.

For all skin types.

Can be used alone or alongside the ultralight gel, to enhance oxygenating effect. Alternatively, use alongside the anti-aging gel to boost anti-ageing action and nourish cells as it lightens.

1. After thoroughly cleansing the skin with cleansing water, apply one or two doses to fingertips.
2. Massage into face, neck and neckline with delicate circular strokes.
3. Use in the morning in combination with a 50+ UV sun cream to protect the skin and prevent over stimulation of melanin-forming cells.
Depending on skin type, skin will appear deeply oxygenated and lightened.
If after applying skin feels dry - an effect of ionized oxygen - follow with a non oxygen-based moisturizing cream.

The Lightening Gel is an exclusive treatment formulated with groundbreaking ionized oxygen, the only molecule to flow through the skin via ionic swarm.

With a base of Agar, the Lightening Gel is completely natural and packed with calcium, iron and vitamins that help keep skin supple.
Enriched with Jojoba oil, it revives, regenerates and strengthens irritated skin, tackling signs of aging and preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Its non greasy-formula seamlessly penetrates and sinks in making it particularly suitable for the face. Counters signs of premature tissue aging and leaves skin feeling silky and smooth.
The ionized oxygen has an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and lightening effect on blemishes, effectively tackling melanin build-ups and deeply combating damage from pollution, sun exposure, stress and the passage of time.
Vitamin C has a lightening and exfoliating effect, helping to generate a smooth, glowing complexion.
Kojic acid - known for its extraordinary lightening ability - unleashes a potent depigmenting action. As a prime inhibitor of melanogenesis it is effective in the treatment of skin spots and dark circles as well as boasting formidable antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties.
The one-of-a-kind complex of ionized oxygen, kojic acid and vitamin C has a deep-lightening effect on cells, revitalizing skin layers and stimulating a superficial peeling action.