DEDCOOL Fragrance 01 "Taunt" (50ml)


The cool & conscious parfume brand from Los Angeles!

Eau De Parfum

Top: Bergamot, Fresh Dew
Middle: Floral, Cassis
Bottom: Vanilla, Amber

The sensual notes of fragrance 01 creates a beautiful blend of amber, vanilla, and fresh dew that is sweet yet subtle.

TESTER FOR FREE: If you want to test the fragrance before ordering please send us an email and we will send you a tester for free!
Fragrance Is Always Best Tested On Your Own Skin & We Want You To Experience The Scents For Yourself...

- No Water: DedCool compositions don’t include water, which allows our scents to deliver longer wearing power. You can spot a watered down fragrance when aqua/water is listed as one of the main ingredients.
- Longer Lasting Scents: Dedcool believes that a morning spritz should be enough. Your scent should last on your skin all day. For extra scent power, another spritz on your clothes should do the trick.
- Eau de Parfum: 30-35% Fragrance / 60-70% Alcohol: Traditional Eau De Parfums have a range of 10-15% fragrance concentrate, Dedcool EDP’s can range from 30-35% on average.
- Certified Organic Extracts / Alcohol: Traditional fragrances use between 80-90% alcohol, we use less to add more of our signature blend of certified organic extracts (that are good & good for you). Our blend of certified organic extracts are nourishing, soothing, and contain anti-inflammatory properties. Our alcohol is derived from corn based grain for the best fragrance delivery.
- No Fragrance Cloud: You know when you walk into an elevator and you’re choked by someone’s Chanel No. 5? That won’t happen with our scents because they blend nicely on the skin. Our fragrances are always rich without ever smelling of that well known and overwhelming “mall” scent.

Carina Chaz, born and raised in Los Angeles CA, founded DedCool in 2016 and created her DedCool line as an extension of her passion for cologne and green beauty. As fragrance is an essential part of one's identify, Carina believed in only creating scents that were composed of the highest quality and natural ingredients. DedCool is making its mark in the beauty world, changing the way we view, and shop for fragrance. Unlike most fragrance brands we see and know today, DedCool disrupts mainstream ideals by creating scents that are Uni-Sex, Vegan, Cruelty-free, and non-toxic with a naturally chick edge.